12 Apr 2024

Utility payments for March

Now you can make utility payments for March.

13 Mar 2024

Utility payments for February

Now you can make utility payments for February.

15 Feb 2024



Dear customers,


We would like to thank all of you for using our application.


Our application entered the market in the beginning of April 2019 as the next stage of the development of the previously existing "Virtual Card" payment system, and at that time it was a solution expected and demanded by the market, which provided a new application experience and a range of services in the market, which was available to a small number of participants at that time․


In essence, the application has become a prototype and an incentive for banks to process and develop their own applications, and thus we can consider our mission successful.


At the moment, there are many solutions on the market that essentially cover, in some cases even exceed the range of services available in our application.


Company "Armenian Card", being the operator of the ArCa national payment system, as well as a unified processing center for the majority of banks in Armenia, has decided to focus on providing technological solutions to financial organizations which are the direct beneficiaries of its services

Accordingly, we inform you that from April 15, 2024, operations with the application will be stopped.


Until then, if it is necessary, you can save your payment data by exporting them from the corresponding sections of the WEB version of cabinet, as well as to write out the data of periodic payments / transfers, beneficiaries in order to register them on other platforms later.


We have big plans for the future, soon we will introduce new, modern products for our partner banks continuing to develop the field of payments and transfers in Armenia. We will always be with you when you make a payment or transfer in a physical or virtual environment by card, phone, smart watch and other means.




A constant and invisible companion to your payments,

Armenian Card


12 Feb 2024

Utility payments for January

Now you can make utility payments for January.

12 Jan 2024

Utility payments for December 2023

Now you can make utility payments for December 2023.

12 Dec 2023

Utility payments for November

Now you can make utility payments for November.

13 Nov 2023

Utility payments for October

Now you can make utility payments for October.

11 Oct 2023

Utility payments for September

Now you can make utility payments for September.

11 Sep 2023

Utility payments for August

Now you can make utility payments for August.

10 Aug 2023

Utility payments for July

Now you can make utility payments for July.