About ArCa

  • How to receive notifications?

    You can enable or disable your notifications form Personal Settings Notifications section. Please note, that for Push-notifications you have to install our application on your smartphone.

  • How to add my card as Beneficiary?

    Click on the card. In opened page click on Add to Beneficiary link. The feature gives you an opportunity to make easy money transfers between your cards. 

  • What is Beneficiary?

    Save card numbers of your relatives on Beneficiaries page. It is necessary only card number to add Beneficiary.

  • What are Services?

    Card issuing bank provides certain services, such as receiving SMS messages for card transactions and etc. A list of these services can be found on the card detail page, under the Services link.

  • What are Recurring Payments?

    During payments for services, save them as a bookmark, then click the Recurring Payment button. Select a payment method: specify the start and end date, the maximum or a fixed amount. Payment will made automatically on the day you specify.

  • How to check my Pension fund?

    If your social card number attached to your card, you can see your Pension fund detailed report on Other services page. If there is no data, contact the issuing bank.